Veeve Host Agreement

Updated from a previous article. 2 months later, they still haven`t seen a penny in repayment, after bringing us 25% they say, represents our “share of the risk”. Featuring us with a 25% voucher that seems increasingly worthless and refuses to refund us 100% while we have repaid 100% in our agreement (which they never signed) on a refund enhanced. Especially in the face of a pandemic that prevented us from going to London. Once again, AirBNB (for another property), airlines, theatres, restaurants, tours, etc. We are 100% reimbursed. As far as Veeve is concerned, nothing, no communication and no answer to questions. Don`t believe the robo response that will follow this message. No acceptable alternative was proposed and no Veeve members remained in contact. Airbnb customers who want to live in a resident`s replacement room may be disappointed. Data analysed by the Sunday Times show that hosts with multiple ads now dominate the website in the short term, making apartment buildings and entire street towns in the UK`s largest cities de facto hotels. We did two great experiments with real estate rental with Veeve.

Accommodation is high level and customer service and communication is also great if there are any problems or issues. Highly recommended based on our experience. Veeve was renting an apartment (London Fields Light) that had not been properly cleaned or checked to ensure that the equipment was working and that there were no health and safety issues. Basically, the apartment was dirty and dangerous. They did decent things during our stay and paid back some of the rent; However, most problems should never have occurred and it was shocking to find such a poor level of hygiene and cleanliness in the current circumstances (COVID risks) when these problems are of the utmost importance. Health and safety were an important topic: no smoke detectors or fire extinguishers (we had to ask for them to be provided, which they were, but they should have been there). A large mirror mounted on a central heater radiator (not attached to the wall) slid down and it is fortunate that no serious injury was caused (which could have happened if I had held my two-week-old grandson when this incident occurred). I loved our stay! I took my two children (6 and 9) for a short break in Paris and loved the stay in 6 Eugéne Delacroix apartment that we rent via Veeve.

The young man who met us in the apartment was very charming and helpful, and he covered all the information I needed. We even stopped using his friendly suggestion of a good place to get a crepon! There are cafes, bakery, a large veggie/fruit shop and a supermarket three minutes away, although the apartment is very quiet and quiet at night. It took us 8 minutes to walk to the Trocadero, from where it is a few minutes from the Eiffel Tower. Very easy to walk almost anywhere in Paris from this apartment. The apartment was very comfortable and beautifully decorated with everything you need to make a meal at home if you want. The children liked the bunk beds, which were very safe and comfortable. Veeve were quickly answering all the questions I had (via the super long WiFi password!) and even the feathered bed wash changed into a hypoallergenic one for me, so we felt very well cared for.

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